My Brilliant Divorce

By Geraldine Aron


Angela’s husband has had a mid-life crisis and a mid-European fling; Angela is left with the dog.

Initially exultant, Angela soon finds herself emotionally bereft and with her self-confidence at an all-time low. Rejecting or accepting the well-meaning advice and consolation of friends, interfering mother, critical daughter and silently-accusing dog, Angela slowly, and at times painfully, rebuilds her life.

An insightful and hilarious exploration of what life can be like for a 40-something, suddenly single woman, My Brilliant Divorce is wittily observant, achingly funny and heart-wrenchingly real.

Geraldine Aron’s play is brought to The Mission Theatre by the talented Kay Francksen, who has performed to sell-out audiences in Bath and Bristol with her one-woman show 'Shirley Valentine'.
Kay first played Angela in My Brilliant Divorce in 2006.

Very best wishes to cast and crew of My Brilliant Divorce. Hope you have a great success with it. Go girls, go!” Geraldine Aron (playwright).

There are some great jokes…but there are also sudden shafts of piercing emotional truth… A peculiarly frosty heart is required to resist My Brilliant Divorce.” Daily Telegraph.

This play is produced as part of the Bath Comedy Festival. It contains scenes and language of an adult nature.

This amateur production of My Brilliant Divorce is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Ltd.

My Brilliant Divorce
This show was performed at The Mission Theatre, Bath in April 2017.

Director/s | Cast:

Ann Ellison

Ann Ellison


Kay Francksen

Kay Francksen


Review/s of My Brilliant Divorce:

Review 1: "The timing is immaculate in this hugely engaging piece"

This is a beautifully poignant, nuanced monologue from Geraldine Aron detailing the trials and tribulations of Angela Kennedy-Lipsky, the 50-something survivor of a messy divorce who seeks for someone to share her life with. Whilst comparisons to Shirley Valentine will never be far away this has a different tone, it has a depth of range that allows the darkest moments to rise into humour and a glorious…click here to read the whole review.

By Petra Schofield

Review 2: "it’s funny, it rings true, it has pathos and surprises"

First performed in Galway, 2001, My Brilliant Divorce transferred to the West End and subsequently around the world. It’s a play about the loneliness of living alone (albeit with Axl the dog) and the efforts that may be made to cope with that. And it’s funny, it rings true, it has pathos and surprises. Kay Francksen is utterly believable as Angela, whose husband Max has run off with young Mexican…click here to read the whole review.

By Philip Horton, Bath Chronicle

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