Intimate Exchanges

By Sir Alan Ayckbourn. Produced in association with Love Arm'd Productions.


Next Stage Theatre Company in association with Love Arm'd Productions is proud to present Intimate Exchanges by Sir Alan Ayckbourn - Next Stage's patron - at the Midtown International Festival, New York.

A hilarious series of related plays, Intimate Exchanges is a superb example of Ayckbourn’s brilliant craftsmanship and ability to intrigue and challenge his audience. Trapped in a sterile marriage, Celia seeks solace elsewhere, but her desire to escape from the humdrum is not as straightforward or rewarding as she hopes!

A tour de force for two actors: Kay Francksen and Andrew Ellison play all the characters in this highly entertaining show.

Before leaving for New York, Intimate Exchanges playwrite and Next Stage patron, Sir Alan Ayckbourn, wished the company goodluck.


Following a successful production in New York, Next Stage received 4 Midtown International Festival award nominations. They were as follows:

Outstanding Overall Production: Intimate Exchanges produced by Next Stage Theatre Company in association with Love Arm'd Productions; Written by Alan Aychbourn; Directed by Ann Garner; Lighting Design by Kris Nuttall; Sound Design by Sally Hardwick; Publicity by David Green; Graphic Design by Brian Howe; Stage Managed by Nicky Wilkins and Alexa Garner; Performed by Andrew Ellison and Kay Francksen

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Play: Andrew Ellison for the roles of Toby/Lionel in Intimate Exchanges

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Play: Kay Francksen for the roles of Sylvie/Celia in Intimate Exchanges

Outstanding Direction of a play:Ann Garner for the direction of Intimate Exchanges


The company was delighted to learn that Andrew Ellison, founder director of Next Stage, has been awarded Most Outstanding Male Actor by Broadway Talkin', the critical body that reviews the dramas that are produced in all the New York arts festivals that occur throughout the year. Andrew took the roles of Toby and Lionel in the scenes we produced and delivered a virtuoso performance in Events on a Hotel Terrace, when he had to repeatedly swap from the straight-laced Toby to the formally dressed Lionel in a series of hilarious fast changes. Congratulations to Andrew.

Intimate Exchanges
This show was performed at The Workshop Theatre, New York in July 2008.

Director/s | Cast:


Andrew Ellison

Andrew Ellison


Kay Francksen

Kay Francksen


Review/s of Intimate Exchanges:

Review 1: Intimate Exchanges

This evening of selections from Intimate Exchanges by prolific British playwright Alan Ayckbourn is brought to the Midtown Festival courtesy of England's Next Stage Theater Company, a company of which Ayckbourn is a patron. The press material says that there is actually a series of 32 interrelated plays containing optional endings and peopled with a variety of characters, all of whom are played by…click here to read the whole review.

By Judith Jarosz

Review 2: Intimate Exchanges

Into sultry New York, we’re happy to welcome a cool breeze of English eccentricity. Two seasoned performers handle four characters in this short three-act comedy of manners and class consciousness by the well known master of English comedy; Alan Ayckbourn As members of the theatre group – The Next Stage Theatre Company of Bath, England - Andrew Ellison and Kay Francksen deftly handle near instant…click here to read the whole review.

By Jerry Minkow

Review 3: Intimate Exchanges

Lots of TRU friends are strutting their stuff on 36th Street, and this is the last weekend to catch them. Go to the Midtown website at and check for details of the following TRU shows: Intimate Exchanges by Alan Aychbourn, produced by TRU members Karen Eterovich and Linda Selman. Beautifully produced, directed and acted - this is a company imported from Bath,…click here to read the whole review.

By Bob Ost, TRU Newsletter August 2008

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