Dangerous Corner

By J.B. Priestley


Freda: ‘Life's got a lot of dangerous corners, hasn't it?’
Stanton: ‘It can have if you don’t choose your route well’
(Act 1)

JB Priestley's fascinating first play deals with the consequences for individuals of taking life’s corners recklessly and making foolish choices along life’s journey.

It's 1932, and a group of family and friends are discussing a radio play when a chance remark leads the conversation around a dangerous corner, setting characters against each other and challenging their casual assumptions.

Exactly what did lie behind the death of Martin Caplan, the volatile director of the family firm? And was it, as generally believed, connected to the theft of some company money? Why did Martin's sister-in-law lie about a musical cigarette box, or Olwen about a late-night visit? Why does Gordon get so emotional and what is Stanton trying to hide?

As perceived truths unravel, we gradually learn that each of the characters knows more about Martin, his death and the crime than they had previously revealed. A series of clever twists keeps audiences guessing about what really happened - right up until the final twist of all.

As the title implies, Priestley poses an awkward question - how far should we go in trying to uncover the truth - even about ‘something dreadful’ within a family? Isn't it better to play safe and ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ - avoiding those dangerous corners?

Foretelling themes Priestley would later develop in An Inspector Calls, this gripping production of Dangerous Corner by Next Stage Theatre Company is set in-the-round and directed by Bob Constantine.

Dangerous Corner
Dates: Tuesday 4th - Saturday 8th September 7.30pm plus Matinee at 2pm on Saturday 8th
Location: The Mission Theatre, Bath
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