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About Next Stage Youth:

Launched in the same year as the parent company, Next Stage Youth has been in existence since 1994. Next Stage tutors and actors have coached hundreds of youngsters, preparing many for performances, auditions and competitions. Indeed, some of our talented young actors have gone on from Next Stage Youth to train for the professional theatre.

The emphasis is always on friendship, teamwork, support and a professional grounding in theatre arts. In any year members of Next Stage Youth have the chance to work on devised theatre, competition entries in the Mid-Somerset Drama Festival in March, and at least one full-scale production in The Mission Theatre. There are no auditions, anyone between 11 and 18 is welcome and Next Stage has a policy of using talented youngsters whenever possible in adult productions.

Next Stage Youth runs for ten-week terms (£120 per term), with each session on a Sunday from 4.30 – 6 pm at The Mission Theatre.

Feedback from past Youthers and parents

“Thank you for giving me the confidence and opportunity to perform.”

“I have made friends for life here and the welcoming atmosphere made me feel so at home. Your guidance has been amazing and I am always so proud of the shows we do.” 

“Thank you again for the wonderful opportunities and experiences you have given my daughter this year.”

“All of the actors give incredibly mature and convincing performances. The cast may be young, but their performances were assured and professional.”

Term dates

The Summer term of Next Stage Youth commences on Sunday 28th April and members will begin working on the 25th Anniversary production staged for the October half-term. Last November Next Stage Youth worked on a full-scale production of The Railway Children with members from the adult company. To read an article on Next Stage Youth’s spectacular production click

If you wish to enrol please call Ann Ellison on 01225 428600 or email (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

To download our child protection policy documentation please click Child_Protection_Policy_2016.pdf. (Adobe PDF).

What goes on at NSY?

As well as the regular weekly sessions with Next Stage tutors, students also have the chance of attending professionally led workshops. All aspects of stagecraft and dramatic presentation are explored. Next Stage Youth regularly enters local competitions and presents public showings of its work.

Youngsters are also invited to take roles alongside adults in Next Stage’s programme of challenging productions. In 2015, 15 members of the Youth Company performed alongside members of the adult Company in a production of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe which toured to The Minack Theatre in Cornwall. In 2017, 4 members of Next Stage Youth took part in Birdsong which was performed in June at The Mission Theatre and then toured down to The Minack Theatre in July 2017. This year, Artistic Director hopes to take as many youthers as possible to The Minack for Next Stage’s production of Great Expectations - a great chorus ensemble piece with both youth and adult members in.

Come You Giants Bursary

In May 2012, Next Stage Theatre Company announced the creation of the Come You Giants (CYG) bursary open to all members of Next Stage Youth who have been in the company for at least 2 years. The £1000 grant has been set up specifically to help young and talented actors who wish to pursue further training in performing arts. Click here for an article on the ways in which this bursary has been used by recipients since 2016.
Applications are open from 1 to 31 May of each year. An article on the application process is available here.

The Bridget Casse Award for Excellence in Youth Theatre

Each year, the Next Stage Youth tutors select one member to receive the Bridget Casse Award. This is given to somebody who has shown enthusiasm, talent, a willingness to help out, a positive attitude towards fellow members, and is an asset to NSY. This was awarded for the first time in 2010 to Philip Davies, in 2011 to Anna-Fleur Rawlinson, in September 2012 to Jenny McGlynn, in 2013 to James Langley, in 2014 to Ben Armstrong, in 2015 to Amberley Couchman, in 2016 to Olivia Anniss, in 2017 to Georges Boutin and in 2018 to Hugo Worrall . To read an article on the 2018 award, and to see pictures of the ceremony, click Bridget Casse Award 2018