Do you aim to:

  • encourage children to explore situations that can lead to bullying?
  • give pupils strategies for coping with bullies?
  • help pupils to gain self-esteem and self-confidence?
  • stimulate follow-up discussion and action?

Next Stage’s anti-bullying workshops have been delivered to over 1000 schoolchildren. Using role play, improvisation, forum theatre and topical references, Next Stage actors help pupils to explore in a safe and controlled environment the plight of both the bully and the bullied. We recommend a maximum group size of 30.

“You gave me some great ideas on how to stop bullying” - High Littleton Primary School pupil

“Excellent communication ... wonderful opportunity” - St Gregory’s Catholic Comprehensive

“This project was effective in encouraging pupils to adopt anti-bullying strategies” - Ralph Allen School

“Our pupils had a very positive experience” - Farrington Gurney Primary School

“Whatever the range, mixed abilities were handled very well by all members of the team” - Sir Bernard Lovell School

Suitable for primary and secondary school pupils

Duration: usually 2 hours
Space required: spacious classroom, hall, gym or drama studio.

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