Collect your passport and off you go on a dramatic journey around the world.

Visit France, Greece, India, Japan and Britain. Travel by ship, car, train and plane.

Discover the fun and fascination of other countries’ artistic cultures. Re-create the stories of Cinderella and Puss-in-Boots and the masked myths of Greece. Learn about shadow puppetry in India and Noh Theatre in Japan. Fly back to Britain and meet Will Shakespeare, and then present an hour-long showcase to amaze your fellow pupils, teachers and parents.

Led by Next Stage actors and working in small groups, pupils have the opportunity to develop self-expression, improvised drama, mask work, story-telling, puppetry, mime, movement and performance skills.

Duration: 6 x 2 hour sessions, last session to include a performance

Suitable for ages 9-11

Space required: a large classroom, hall, gym or drama studio
Equipment needed: a screen and light source for the shadow puppet workshop

Below is an account of one such workshop that took place over 6 weeks with years 5 and 6 at High Littleton primary school.

The classes were reading Around the World in 80 Days and Next Stage’s Artistic Director Ann Garner devised a related programme of dramatic activities under the title “All the World’s a Stage”. Each child had a specially made passport which showed the countries they were visiting in their dramatic journey. At the end of each “visit” the pupil’s passport was stamped ready for them to move on the next week.

The pupils first enjoyed exploring Commedia dell’arte, Pantomime, Greek mask work.  Then they created Shadow Puppet Theatre during their “visit” to India.

On the next leg of their dramatic journey around the world, High Littleton pupils found themselves in Japan! They learnt some basic Japanese and how to make themselves up and put on costume ready to perform in a Japanese Noh play.

Finally it was back to England and a meeting with Will Shakespeare before a big Showcase at the end of term!

After the workshop series had finished Next Stage were very pleased to receive the following feedback from the school:

“Just to say thank you for your support at High Littleton during this term.  The children loved the activities and I think it’s brought Jules Verne’s book to life!  Thanks Ann & Co.”

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